Estate Chain

A global solution for settling real estate transactions in crypto currencies

Simple four step process

Buy & Sell Real Estate with Crypto

The only multi-chain platform to buy and sell real estate with crypto currencies.

From escrow to signing, all done in crypto or crypto-fiat hybrid.

Get your title securly stored on the blockchain of choice.

Prove authenticy and property ownership by holding the private keys to your on-chain title.

Global Crypto Real Estate Payment Processing

Our flagship product Estate Chain, is a global payment processing exchange that will allow us to accept cryptocurrency payments for real estate transactions and convert it into fiat (local currency: $U.S. dollars, Mexico: Pesos, India: Rupee).

We are a global solution, able to transact with most crypto currencies into most local fiat currencies.

  • We accept most top liquid cryptocurrencies available on global exchanges
  • Global solution which can settle the transaction in most local fiat currencies
  • Transactions can be fully crypto or one side crypto and settling in fiat

Tokenize your real estate today with Estate Chain.

Place a down payment in crypto -> safely stored in crypto escrow -> Sign contract -> Transfer stablecoin to seller -> Issue property ownership NFT to buyer

What is KYC/AML?

AML (anti-money laundering) is an umbrella term for the range of measures, controls, and processes that firms must put in place in order to achieve regulatory compliance. By contrast, KYC is a component part of AML, and refers specifically to the means by which firms establish and verify their customers' identities, and monitor their financial behavior.

Typically, the KYC process involves the collection and verification of a range of identifying information from customers including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Identifying documents
  • Company incorporation documents

KYC may also include ongoing transaction monitoring, and a range of customer screening measures, including politically exposed person (PEP) screening, sanctions screening, and adverse media screening.

Our Ecosystem

We have a national network and growing international ecosystem of title companies, escrow agents, attorneys and real estate agents who are educated and prepared to assist in completing crypto transactions.

Affiliate Program

Estate Chain is an easy and safe way to accept cryptocurrency and fiat payments for transactions pertaining to both residential and commercial real estate worldwide.

Calling all real estate agents, brokers and consultants who want to get paid for referring crypto transactions!

We are able to pay a referral to one person who refers the individual who is using our exchange for cryptocurrency to fiat.

Please inquire via email for further details and get signed up.

Executive Team